Mike Crowell has been working closely with banks and thrifts since the early 1970's. For almost twelve years, Mr. Crowell was a national bank examiner with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in Charlotte, North Carolina. During this time, he was certified in commercial, consumer, and electronic bank examinations.

Mr. Crowell was Examiner In-Charge of numerous compliance examinations, including those of the largest banks in North Carolina. In the mid 1980's, Mr. Crowell joined a risk management consulting firm that worked to reduce a bank's exposure to various types of risk, including interest rate, credit, and fidelity. In addition, Mr. Crowell served as an expert witness for a national bank in its effort to be removed from a regulatory agreement.

Mr. Crowell joined The Risk Management Group, Inc. at its inception and has been instrumental in developing its credit and loan review programs.



For fourteen years, Tom Mills served as a bank examiner for the Virginia Bureau of Financial Institutions. He began his career in 1978 as an assistant bank examiner and achieved Senior Examiner status, the department's highest field position, in 1985. Mr. Mills was used extensively by the regulatory agency to examine the highest risk and larger banks and thrifts in Virginia. He established the scope, organized the assignments, and supervised the performance of numerous examinations.

Mr. Mills served in several special capacities for the Bureau of Financial Institutions, including assisting the U.S. Attorney's Office in a criminal investigation involving improper and fraudulent activities at a financial institution. In addition, Mr. Mills served as Examiner In-Charge of banks where frauds had occurred. In fact, during one of his examinations, one of the largest frauds in Virginia was uncovered and investigated.

During his tenure with the Bureau of Financial Institutions, as well as today, Mr. Mills has stayed fully abreast of regulatory and industry trends. He has participated in over thirty schools and seminars on subjects from White Collar Crime to International Lending.

Mr. Mills brings an extensive regulatory background and experience in all facets of bank operation and loan review to the Risk Management Group, Inc. Since 1992, he has been a vital part of our firm. We are fortunate to have him as a member of the team.

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For over twenty-five years Bill Thole has been involved in risk management with a variety of financial organizations. For seven years, Mr. Thole was a national bank examiner with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in Atlanta, Georgia where he was involved in all aspects of bank examination including examination of high-risk institutions and large financial institutions throughout the southeast.

In 1979, Mr. Thole began his commercial banking career with the First National Bank of Cobb County in Marietta, Georgia where he created and successfully implemented a commercial loan review system and developed a comprehensive consumer compliance documentation system. In 1983, as manager, he reorganized and supervised the commercial credit department for SouthTrust Bank system in Anniston, Alabama.

Mr. Thole joined the Florida National Bank in 1987 where he established and managed a new regional commercial loan review district in Orlando Florida. An acquisition by First Union National Bank in 1991 caused him to moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where Mr. Thole designed and implemented a separate commercial credit risk review function for the Capital Markets Division.

Since 1987 to the present, Mr. Thole performed loan reviews on all aspects of commercial lending both foreign and domestic. He served as a senior commercial loan review officer and was chosen to participate in the planning and development of a new $100 million computerized commercial lending process for First Union. His experience as a loan reviewer and developer of lending and review procedures is a great asset for our clients.

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Ron started his banking career in 1962 as an Assistant National Bank Examiner with the OCC and was commissioned as a National Bank Examiner in 1971. He resigned his position with the OCC in 1986 and was thereafter employed by NCNB (predecessor to NationsBank) for slightly over four years in the Special Loan Department. Ron then moved on to Rock Hill National Bank (RHNB) to manage the Special Asset/Recovery Department for both their North Carolina and South Carolina banks. During his four years with RHNB, he also organized and managed their internal loan review department.

During his time with the OCC, Ron examined banks ranging in asset size from about $1 million to $4 billion with ratings of "1" to "5". For about four and a half years, he headed up the Raleigh, N.C. Duty Station until it was closed.

The Special Loan/Asset Departments of NCNB and RHNB were responsible for workout and collection of problem commercial loans. Job duties included development of collection strategies, customer and legal counsel contact, foreclosure/repossession and liquidation of collateral and negotiated settlement of deficiency balances. In many instances, the process required working with attorneys through the bankruptcy process.

The development of the internal loan review department at RHNB required developing policies and procedures, budgeting, staffing and reporting to the Loan Committee of the Board of Directors.

Ron joined The Risk Management Group in 1995. His experience as a loan reviewer and workout specialist will prove most valuable to our clients.

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Joseph Mayhew


Mr. Mayhew has over 40 years experience in banking and credit management, primarily with First Union National Bank of Charlotte (now Wachovia Bank) and First Union Corporation (now Wachovia Corporation). Mr. Mayhew’s various positions have included Branch Supervisor; Manager of Loan Administration Systems and Services; Regional Credit Administrator; Senior Credit Officer - Corporate Banking Group – Domestic and International credit; Senior Vice President and Manager – Credit Standards Division (Credit Risk Review); Senior Credit Officer – Commercial Banking – Parent Company and Senior Credit Approver – General Bank. Mr. Mayhew also served as Corporate Credit Manager for J.B. Ivey and Company.

Mr. Mayhew has a great breadth of experience and knowledge in the commercial and retail lending arena. As a caveat, he is able to share with RMG clients the methodologies and administrative techniques he applied while performing his risk assessment and administrative oversight responsibilities. Every since Joe has joined RMG and his name mentioned to prospective clients who also formerly worked for First Union National Bank, they have informed us how fortunate RMG is to have Joe Mayhew as part of our team. Obviously, he was an integral part of developing, implementing, monitoring and amending the credit culture of this former employer. The Risk Management Group is pleased to have Mr. Mayhew as an associate.

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D. J. has over 39 years experience in banking primarily with First Union National Bank and finished his career with Wachovia Bank upon the merger of the two banks. His positions included branch manager, branch supervisor, branch commercial credit approver, credit department manager, credit analyst, portfolio manager, and senior credit underwriter. In his role as senior credit underwriter, he underwrote loans in Wealth Management for wealthy clients of the bank. Throughout his entire career, he was always involved in the lending process in some manner either as a direct lender, loan approver, or loan review.

D. J.’s broad banking background enables him to bring a practical approach to risk assessment for RMG’s clients because he has been involved in a variety of commercial loans to retail companies, middle market companies, real estate entities, law firms, and wealth clients.

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Jody Hoffman joined The Risk Management Group in 2007, after a twenty-five year career in Banking. She began her career at First Chicago National Bank and Trust where she completed a rigorous credit training program as a First Scholar. While working at First Chicago, she completed her MBA at Northwestern University’ Kellogg School of Management. She held positions in Credit Risk Review traveling to sites in Europe and in the United States as well as reviewing specific portfolios in many areas in Chicago. She also worked in Private Banking and earned her CFP (Certified Financial Planner designation.)

She moved to Charlotte, North Carolina with her family in 1991 where she joined Wachovia Bank and Trust in Private Banking and later worked for First Union in Credit Risk Review. She also was a Senior Underwriter in the Business Credit Solutions area which served small to medium companies in Wachovia’s East Coast Region, primarily the Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia and Florida. .

Jody is a licensed Real Estate Broker and has a Masters Degree in German from The University of Kentucky. She is very glad to be part of The Risk Management Team and brings a variety of experience to the group.

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Mr. St.George began his banking career with First Union National Bank of Charlotte (now Wachovia Bank) as a Branch Manager. He served as City Executive of one of First Union’s larger offices in Wilson, NC before moving to Atlanta to serve as Regional Executive and member of the Management Committee for First American Bank. At First American, Bill also served as head of the Commercial Lending, the National Accounts and Special Assets Department. St.George joined United Carolina Bank in Raleigh, NC and spent five years as Regional Credit Administrator. In 1998, he re-joined First Union as a Senior Commercial Loan Underwriter. In all Bill has over 40 years experience in banking and credit management.

St.George has a great breadth of experience which includes many years in the line side of banks, managing offices and regions, as well as commercial loan production departments. The last fifteen years were spent in commercial underwriting and credit administration. With this variety of experience, he is able to relate well with RMG clients both on the loan production side and the credit administration side of their bank. Bill joined our team in 2008 and especially enjoys working with our clients’ account officers as he understands the various pressures they feel when charged with generating quality loans.

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Valerie Cline brings a wealth of commercial bank lending and loan review experience.  She completed her initial credit training at PNC Bank in Pittsburgh, PA and shortly thereafter moved to the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) as Manager, Corporate Banking and was responsible for the branch’s large corporate relationships.  In the 1990’s Valerie continued to advance her banking career as a Director in the Investment Banking Division of Barclays Bank PLC in New York and moved to Charlotte, NC in 1996 to join First Union Securities as a Senior Vice President in the Healthcare Finance Group (Wachovia Bank).   At Wachovia Bank, she also served as a Senior Credit Risk Review Officer in Risk Management and Manager, Due Diligence for the Bank’s Asset Securitization Group in Structured Credit Products.   Valerie earned her MBA from the Krannert Graduate School of Management at Purdue University.

Valerie brings an extensive commercial banking and financial background.

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RMG is pleased to have Wesley as our operations manager and assistant to the President. Wesley is a graduate of the School of Business at Howard University. Wesley has a BBA degree with a finance concentration. Wesley has been with The Risk Management Group since 2004.

Upon graduation from college, Wesley received extensive commercial banking experience in positions with Manufacturers Hanover Trust and Marine Midland; banks in New York City. He continued his banking experience with management positions at Bank of North Carolina and NCNB. Wesley also has extensive experience in other arenas - public and private in his post banking endeavors.

With various positions within government, public and private sector enterprises over his career; Wesley has successfully developed, managed, marketed and counseled successful operations. He brings that experience and commitment to his responsibilities at RMG. Keeping his hands on the pulse of every facet of RMG’s administrative and operations functions allows our clients and reviewers to effectively gain information and resolve issues.

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